There was a time when one tulip bulb cost a fortune. In the 16th century the bulb came to the Netherlands from Turkey. The tulip was rare and quickly became a status symbol, the trade in tulip bulbs became a madness. Not the actual bulbs were traded, but a kind of property deeds. For a lot of money, namely for thousands of florins at that time. Fortunately, everyone can now put a beautiful tulip in their garden. But how do you do that?

Planting tulips
You actually plant all flower bulbs the same. Place them in the autumn – between mid-September and mid-December – in a sunny spot or in partial shade. The earlier you plant the tulips, the earlier they will bloom in the spring. You can choose one type of tulip bulb or you can plant several varieties together. For example, mix early, medium and late flowering varieties so that you can enjoy them for an extra long time. If it remains dry for a long time after planting, it is useful to water the tulip bulbs extra.

Work the soil well first.
Place the tulip bulbs in the planting hole that is about 3 times as deep as the bulb is high, with the tip pointing upwards.
Make sure you keep about 1 cm distance between the bulbs.
Place the bulbs in the hole and backfill with soil.
Water the tulip bulbs a little after planting.

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