The Leylandii, a fast growing evergreen plant

The Leylandii cypress is frost hardy and can be grown in almost any weather. It maintains its evergreen color throughout the year.

Leylandii hedge plants often stands out when it comes to conifer hedging. There are multiple reasons for why you should plant and grow a Leylandii.

First of all, the Leylandii makes a great choice for anyone who wants a fast growing tree. The Leylandii has a growth rate of 91 tot 152 cm per year. The plant grows large enough to provide enough screen and privacy protection. With a growth of 609 to 762 cm wide and 1219 to 1828 cm tall, they will completely cover your home and garden.

Although the Leylandii is a fast growing plant. It requires little maintenance. You only need to prune it twice a year to retain the height and shape. The Leylandii is perfect for any landscape, because they are high resistant against diseases and pests.

Thanks to the height and width of the Leylandii, the plant has a high density, thus creating a lot of privacy and screen protection. Because the Leylandii grows large, the plant also absorbs noise from neighbours and motorists. This way you can sit quietly in your garden and enjoy the peace and air.

When pot grown, the Leylandii can be grown at any time of the year. However, it is important to avoid frost and very wet conditions as this may result in permanently damaging the roots.

The best time of the year is late fall. Since conifers don’t go through the winter dormancy period, there is no need to delay planting until the ground becomes cold.

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