The yucca, also known as palm lily, is known for its pointed leaves. It is a sturdy plant that stands on a thick, sturdy trunk. Great for an urban jungle or sleek decor.

Typical for the yucca are the sturdy trunks with an explosion of green-yellow-grey colored, leathery leaves that end in a point.

Location of the yucca
Place the plant in a light place, but not in full sun. The palm lily can also be placed on a north-facing window, as long as the plant is directly against the window.


Yucca is a sturdy houseplant, a palm with a thick trunk. Sweet Urban Jungle look

Care of the Yucca
Water the Yucca regularly in the summer and occasionally plant food. In winter the Yucca needs less water, you can not water the plant for several weeks without any worries. It is important that you allow the potting soil to dry out slightly between waterings, both in summer and winter, to prevent root rot. Does the trunk at the bottom of the plant become limp? Then stop watering for a while and reduce the waterings.

Yellow or brown leaves
Does your palm lily suffer from discoloration of the leaves? Yellow leaves usually signify excess water, while brown leaves indicate burns. When spotting brown leaves, therefore, place the plant a little further from the window.

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