succulent plant crassula

Crassula is a succulent that brightens your mood with thick, happy leaves. From snorkel-shaped to pipe-curly or geometric leaves; this succulent is popular for a reason, it will immediately put a smile on your face. The houseplant only needs a little care and radiates optimism every day.

Special types of crassula
There is a lot of crassula to choose from and each species has its own appearance. The most famous in the boisterous family are Crassula ovatas. Real mini trees such as the clump of ‘Hobbit’ with separate, stem-shaped leaves. The Crassula ‘Minor’ in turn has sturdy, green-gray leaves. And the Crassula ovata ‘Sunset’ pops with bright red leaf margins.


Hip crassula pinterest plant
The pinnacle of entertainment is Crassula marnieriana ‘Hottentot’. This crassula variety has been a hit on many Pinterest boards for years. A witty plant that likes to be on the cool side and preferably puts you on the wrong foot… Do you see light green frills with frills or rich pipe curls?

Exuberant, special crassulas
Super creative Crassula rosularis with bouncy stems and equally spontaneous, small, white flowers provides an extra exuberant mood. Crassula schmidtii makes a real spectacle of it. This one displays hundreds and hundreds of fine flowers in a perfect red oval. In short, Crassula, a circus family pur sang.

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