Bees and butterflies
Bees and butterflies depend on nectar and pollen that they find in flowers. The flowers of flower bulbs in particular are very suitable and provide a lot of nectar. So it’s good to plant them in your garden, because that’s what these beneficial insects can live on. In addition, it looks incredibly cozy if you have a lot of butterflies and bees in your garden. Preferably put the bulbs in the sun, because there they are more attractive to the insects and they produce more pollen and nectar.

Nectar-rich flower bulbs
Bulbs with a lot of nectar are, for example: grape hyacinth, snowdrop, anemone, tulip, crocus and hyacinth. You can also opt for ornamental onions, also known as Alliums. Alliums are very popular with insects and butterflies. The onions contain beautiful purple bulbs that consist of small growing flowers. Each flower produces a lot of nectar, making this plant an important food source for butterflies. So don’t hold back, because the more flowers in your garden, the more bees and butterflies!

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