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This classic fairy story featured Clodagh in the title role of Cinderella with Scottish comedian Ronnie Corbett as "Buttons".

For those of you not familiar with the classic British Pantomime, it is a form of theatre which features comedy and song with a moral tale included. In Cinderella the character of Prince Charming is usually played by a woman as a man and the ugly sisters by men as women and in the end the handsome "prince" gets the girl. The man, secretly in love with the girl, gets no-one except the love of all the children in the audience. The comedy is broad and slapstick and the songs used are usually songs of the day which fit the plot.

This production ran for 2 years and enjoyed an extended run at the London Palladium. 

Pump Boys and Dinettes

During the summer of 1985 "Pump Boys and Dinettes" began it's London run, featuring Clodagh Rodgers with Kiki Dee.

It is the story of Pump Boys Jim, Eddie, Jackson and L.M., besides being Pump Boys they are singers, dancers and musicians, and the Dinettes Prudie and Rhetta. The story is set in a country diner the Double Cupp Diner and a gas station on Highway 57. The story of 6 relentlessly cheerful people out to have a good time.

A show where the audience is part of the action when a lottery is held one of the audience gets a prize, and one lucky guy gets serenaded with a love song. The music is Rock'n'Roll, Country and Blues, celebrating love and life in a small southern town in America.

Blood Brothers

This show began on the West End Stage in 1983 starring Barbara Dickson as "Mrs Johnson". The story of twins separated at birth one being brought up by his natural mother as one of 8 children existing through the traumas of life on the breadline, the other being brought by a well to do couple who were childless. A well plotted tragic play with classic songs. A play with music written by Willy Russell, he also brought us "John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert", "Educating Rita" and "Shirley Valentine", it opened to mixed crits and the audiences dwindled accordingly. Those who saw the play raved about it to others and by the time it was showing to full houses, through word of mouth, another play was scheduled to take over in the theatre and no other venue could be found in London. The show went on tour with Kiki Dee as "Mrs Johnson" it toured the UK and returned to the West End a triumph, where it has run ever since in various theatres.

Petula Clark, Stephanie Lawrence, Helen Reddy and Lyn Paul are other "Mrs Johnson's" each actress bringing something new to the part.

Clodagh has starred in the London Production and on tour. Her acting in the role was an eye opener to me bringing a vulnerability with strength to the role of the single mother keeping her family together and doing her best in tragic circumstances. Her performance of the songs gives them a validity to the storyline, this is not a musical where the action stops for a catchy song, the songs are powerful and without them the story falls to pieces. I thought she was astounding in the part and for those of you who caught her in the part you saw a great musical actress.  If you did not shed a tear at the finale with her renderinig of "Tell Me It's Not True" then you have no heart.




2001 saw Clodagh in "The Bill" as Brigit Riley, a role with the possiblility of returning.  She is the mother of one son a policeman a DC at Sun Hill and another son who has links with petty crime.  The scenario has possibilities fro future appearances.